18 comments on “Big Red

  1. Regardless of the numerous pictures and paintings of barns, I always stop to look at them. I am a horse lover. I showed , trained and taught riding lessons. Barns are magic. Sweet smelling hay the nicker of horses, the munching and low moos of cows or the bleating of sheep and goats. That dark doorway means I may find these things inside and warmth in winter and cooler air in summer. Beautiful picture, Debbie.

    • There still maybe rats or something, eek!
      I had no idea that you raised and trained horses. What I wonderful experience in your life this must have been for you. I imagine you have learned quite a bit about them.
      Thanks for the comment, Leslie!

  2. Another beautiful painting of a barn, I can never get enough and have done several myself. I practically lived in barns when younger and my daughter in a stable, and I helped her on weekends so that she could finish sooner. I guarantee there’s mice… a butch of mice in any barn. I guess they have to live somewhere. Nicely done!

    • Ryan, there you are. I was wondering where you have been. I wanted you to see my “Petunia” a few posts down. I did it in watercolor pencils.
      You were such a nice dad to help your daughter. She is blessed to have you. But I bet you enjoyed the dad and daughter time together didn’t you?
      I knew there were little creature in those barns beside barn animals. My husband is always telling me that every barn needs a cat.lol
      Thank you for the comment, Ryan!

  3. No rats in my barn. 🙂 Cats, though. Every stray cat found their way there, over time. I had a deal with my vet and traded him riding lessons for his daughter for spaying a cat from time to time. Miss those days.

    • Hi Carol, I understand that there are many beautiful barns in Upstate NY. I think you would really enjoy a drive up that way if you can get away from you busy life.
      Thank you for the comment!

  4. Great colour, this barn!
    I love oil pastels, am using them quite a lot at the moment. Wish I could find a way to get them to ‘dry’ though (they don’t, as far as I know. I saw a fixative for them on a site yesterday but I can’t really see what sort would work on them. Any ideas?

    • I know there has got to be critters in there of the worse kind! Every time a stray cat comes roaming around our property my hubby takes if off to someone with a barn.
      Thanks for the comment, Keith!

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