14 comments on “Petunia

  1. “YOU GO GIRL!” I can’t manage to do anything in watercolor pencil that I’m happy with. Love the contrast between the sheen of the flower against the texture of the background in this.

  2. Oh, it’s not easy. Seems like the only way I could get anywhere with them was to color in rather close. Doing this while they are still dry…well, it just looks ugly until I got it wet.
    I’m going to try the real watercolors for a while, I think this week. Maybe I will find they are a bit easier to work with.
    Thank you for your comments, Leslie!

  3. I think this is stunning. I bought a new set of Caran d’ Ache for Christmas, I had a set when I was at art college. I’ve been using Derwent for the past few years. I’ve also started to use Derwent Watercolour sticks, I find them very easy to use. The colours and pencil work are very delicate, a signature none the less. Beautiful.

  4. Sorry Debbie for not stopping in sooner an looking at this wonderful piece. I have used colored pencils but never watercolor pencils before. You might try water soluble markers sometime, I used them on the several drawing and they become so vibrant. I just use cheap markers and either scribble them on glass first and use like watercolor or directly on paper. I’m doing a quick nude at the time using this method and hope to have it up tomorrow. Beautiful P-tunie as always!

  5. I’ve been waiting for you. About time1 lol. I never thought of water soluble markers before; great idea. I will keep my eyes open for your piece tomorrow.
    Thank you for your comment, Ryan!

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