6 comments on “Oil Pastels: Pottery

  1. Thank you, Richards. And yes, I agree, these are good studies to practice in any medium to get the feel for shading and value. They are an excellent exercise for anyone just learning, or coming into a new medium.
    Thank you again, Richard!

  2. That oil pastel is beautiful! You have carried your blending and softness over into oil pastel and that is no small feat. Beautiful. I am enjoying, so much your explorations with color, Debbie. Do you use something to protect the surface of your oil pastel? How do you plan to store them? I enjoyed working with them but walked away from them as I could not find a way to adequately store them.
    Thank you for your inspiring comment!!

  3. So far the oil pastels I’ve created I sprayed lightly with fixative as I do with charcoal. It did not seem to hurt them. But time will really tell the truth about that method.
    I have a stack of artwork under my beds. Each piece is set between 2 cheap poster boards found at your local dollar store.There about 3/1.00 around here. I staple the two together on 3 sides to make a pocket to drop the artwork into. In the beginning it did not seem like a good way to store them but they weigh down after a while. Also, I include a number tag on them so I can identify the one I want out of the stack.
    Do you have any feedback about me using fixative on oil pastels, because I just took a chance when I did that.

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