6 comments on “The Apartment Door

  1. I like the fact that this takes something natural, the potted plant, and strongly contrasts it with man-made geometric forms. That is what packs the interest and the fact that it looks contemporary. Nice drawing, Deb!

  2. I love your drawings. There’s something about an artist working with less colour, pushing it and requiring more…of both themself and the spare palette. I respect and appreciate that. I think it speaks to presence and to penetration. I don’t know anything about art, but looking at your drawings i see all this texture and nuance. They are very rich, and i would imagine they are the product of much discipline. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Kathryn. I’m a self taught artist in all the mediums I use. I started with the pencil of course, and stick people was my starting point. But day by day I got better, and over the course of some years I reached, well…You are looking at all of it. I have only done one charcoal drawing this year, and only one last year. I’ve been working with other mediums. Charcoal has always been my love of all the mediums I find the work to be more striking and self speaking than any of my other artworks in other mediums.
      Thank you for coming in to visit, and comment. And thank you for wishing my Cici well…She did reply to you.
      Hugs, xx

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