10 comments on “Winter Feast

  1. Very pretty! I love the floral element best.

    Have you tried watercolour pencils? I adore them and they can be used dry or wet. I saw that you were commissioned by Derwent (well done!) who make my fave watercolour pencils, lovely and soft. (Sorry, this reads like an ad, that wasn’t intended! I use caran d’ache too!)

  2. Hello Val, As a matter a fact, I just got my first set of “Derwent Watercolor Penicls just the other day. I tried my hand at them last night, but thing were a bit awkward for me. lol. But they seem like a lot of fun to work with. And, no, your post doesn’t not seem like an ad to me at all.
    Thank you for your comments.

    • Ah – but are you using them with or without water? I mostly use them without. In that way they are like non-dusty pastels. With water, the best way is to do a layer of shading with the side of the pencil, then a wash over it, let it dry and then repeat as many times as necessary.

    • Yes, that’s right, but you see watercolour pencils are only (basically) block watercolours in the form of a pencil ‘lead’ inside the wooden casing of the pencil itself, so the media can be used like a non-water soluble pencil (dry), and then when the colour is applied, you can apply a wash over them with a brush. Do you mean you’re wetting the actual pencil tip? Some people do this, but I’ve never found it achieves good results.

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