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Layers of Love

Layers of Love


A patchwork abstract.

© 2011

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  1. Lovely words to go into Christmas. Interesting and creative colour work, I wish I could be so daring. Each post makes me think of using pencils more! Best wishes for the festive period.

  2. Oh, you can be daring. Creation as these are created when the child within yourself gets to have a hand at creating. Daring? You are, remember your story behind Teesdale Rabbit?
    Thank you for you comment!

  3. It is as though you have created an arrow of your heart shape pointing to all the wonderful colors of love. I think it is the darks placed behind the heart shape that give it this depth. Very creative, Debbie!

  4. With all those colors the dark just had to go behind the heart in order for it to be seen well.
    Thank you again, Leslie. I can always count on you to stop in to visit and give me feedback!

  5. This is really wonderful, Debbie! I enjoy your art very much! This one jumps out and grabs me! What really sets it off is the great shadow around the heart that makes it dance! Love it!! It also reminds me of a hot air balloon above a lovely fall landscape! Too Cool!!

  6. Hi Beth, thank you for visiting and commenting! Leslie likes that shadow too. It’s a good thing it got put in there. Hard to tell what this would have looked like without it.
    Fixed the double post.
    Good to see you!!

  7. Val Erde

     /  January 9, 2011

    Wonderful colours and very ‘free’ and spontaneous which is where a lot of the best art comes from – the heart.

  8. Oh this one was definitely spontaneous, Val! Thank you for your comments!


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