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Summer Dreams

L_Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams

With all this cold whether we’ve been having I’ve already began to day-dream of the Outer Bank, and looking forward to going back to visit over the warm spring and summer months. Hatteras Island, where the fishing is fine, the skies are gorgeous, and a beach chair low in the sand with a good book to read is right up my alley.

Summer Dreams charcoal drawing  is of the Pamlico Sound, which is on the Island, which we the locals call the sound side of the Island. And the beach sides they call just call it ocean-side.

So here’s what’s going on. I have not created any artworks in 8 months because of the enjoyment of the Island, and now it was the Island that brought me back to drawing again.

For the sky I wipe on some charcoal dust with a soft cotton cloth, then lifted out some highlights with the knead eraser to make the white puffy clouds, then took my charcoal pencil to define the top of them some, being aware that I do not want these lines to be perfect; broken up or choppy in other words. Then I repeated the process again on the lower white part of the cloud with the charcoal dust and knead eraser and pencil, but with each time down there was less and less to no pencil marks for the clouds giving it a fading into the land appearance. Next I worked the land. Created easy enough with a chunk of compressed charcoal and a ruler making my line where I want the land. Using the same piece of charcoal I rub in some tree bases very dark while apply lighter and I work toward the top of the trees by holding the charcoal vertically and moving it up and down on the work surface. After I get my trees in I once again use the same piece of charcoal and rub some trees under the tree, but much lighter. This will be the reflection. Then lastly I take my willow charcoal (you may use vine if you prefer) and set my water in my laying the charcoal stick on it’s side to fill in each side of the water, then flat, by horizontally  working my way toward the middle but stopping before I get there. I do this on both sides. I lightly blend inward from the sides of the paper only.

Note: the charcoal dust I used in the drawing is compressed charcoal that I sanded down myself with a sanding paddle. (sandpaper on a handle).

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  1. I love this landscape, the trees are beautifully rendered! You make it all look so easy. I also enjoyed your narrative and how you approach your work. Very informative. I’m curious about Pamlico Island, so I’m off for a google. Lovely works as always and I’m inspired to pick up some charcoal!

  2. Hi Keith,
    Thank you! Posting makes it all worth it if I can inspire someone to give it a try. You will find that it is easy when applied as described for a drawing similar to this one.
    If you are going to google it, then you want to google Pamlico Sound, not Pamlico Island. Pamlico Sound is off of Cape Hatteras Island. It is a large body of water opposite the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Hatteras Island sets between the two bodies of water.
    Thank you for stopping in today, Keith. It is always a pleasure!

  3. Thanks Debbie, just looking now, fabulous stunning location, almost land locked! Checking through fauna!

  4. Try try you Google search using the term Pamlico Sound, then click on images. This is how I viewed your beautiful area of the world.

  5. You have captured the beauty of the light and depth of this area, Debbie. It makes me wonder what I will see as I follow that light in this special place.

  6. If you were to follow the light you would end up on the other side of the Pamlico Sound which is inland of the Outer Banks, were you would find places like Swans Quarter, New Bern, and Morehead City to name a few.
    Thank you for the comment, Leslie!

  7. You’re very talented. I liked the depth of it…it was just perfect.


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