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Country Charm

L_Country Charm

Country Charm

Charcoal drawing

This drawing I created in 2009, but it looks much like the heavy snow we currently have.


For the sky, shadows in the snow and icy creek I used sanded down compressed charcoal with the cotton cloth technique.

Vine and willow charcoal  for the trees in the far distance.

For the evergreen trees I used compressed charcoal by blotting  till I reach my desired thickness.

The covered bridge, fence, bulkhead, and bare tree in the foreground I used charcoal pencil.

© 2009

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  1. Striking illustration and very clean. Great contrasts at work here with very subtle shades. I know how difficult this medium can be, but you’ve mastered it! Another illustration that suggests a story- perhaps one about to be told. My fear of barns is well documented, beautiful as it is, I think I might stand by the fence. Lovely hand.

  2. The medium can be quite the rascal, as I can tell you understand. Mastered it? I’m not so sure about that. I always think my next one will be a masterpiece, which helps me to continue to strive for more.
    I bet if the walls of this old bridge could talk it would have many stories to tell-happy, sad, and maybe even tragic.
    Like a barn, the entrance is dark, and one only knows what may happen once they cross the threshold from light to darkness. I have a love hate relationship with these types of bridges. And I know you know why. lol, it’s a barn thing.

  3. Beautiful! I am still intrigued with your vision as you bring your compositions to a finish. Superb on how you blended the background treeline to be faded and almost misty or as though it is snowing. There is a stillness and a silence to your work, almost as if you ask your viewer to “rest awhile with me”. I like the contrast of the deciduous tree branches in the foreground with the two large pines in the background, seeming to hold the covered bridge in place.

  4. Thank you Leslie! You inspire me so much with your kind words. You do much for me to keep me motivated. Funny that you used the phrase,”rest awhile with me”. My best drawinsg are when I am at peace, the room or area is at peace, and if there is anyone one around, they would have to be a quite place in their spirit too. So maybe my work is reflecting my mood. Do you have any feedback about that?

    • I believe, very strongly, that our art reflects pieces of ourselves. You seem to capture an assence of a scene that is distinctly your vision and perhaps the peace you feel as you create as well as the peace you strive for in your life comes through in your work. Does that make sense? Even when I view your portraiture and your color pieces, you hone them to the essential mood you wish to portray through the use of value and shape. I also see a huge emphasis on econemy in your work. You want the viewer to “get it” and not be confused by too much extraneous mark making. That is what draws me into your scenes and portraiture the most. It is a settling in or an invitation to stay awhile. Realise this is my personal “take” on your creations and may not be another’s.

  5. Wow, excellent insight Leslie! Where this may be your personal “take” on my creations you are not far off by any means. I am a person of peace, and do strive for this when it is not the case, as I hope for others as well. However, now that you have explained this to me, it gives me an idea; to create something when I am in less desirable mood. You see, I am always looking for something different in my artwork, but have not seen what I’m looking for just yet. But with this talk we’ve had. I realize that what I’m looking may very well appear if I try creating in a different mood; any mood, not just the same mood as I’ve been practicing my artworks in.
    You know, I got to laugh at myself right now, because I strive for my artworks to have contrast. Now I have a new way to apply contrast.
    Thank you so much, Leslie!!

  6. Hi Debbie, This is a lovely scene…all of you art work is evedent of your skills and dedication to depicting the beauty around you. I look forward to your descriptions on how each piece was developed. Very inspiring blog.

  7. Hi Eldy, and thank you for your comment.
    The nature around me is breathtaking, especially with a first driven snow. It is most enjoyable to capture scenes as these.
    As far as the descriptions go. I have already been adding them to the posts such as this one. And the older posts as well, as I find time. If there is more details that you would like to know about that I did not think to add, then please feel free to ask.
    Thank you for your inspiring comment!

  8. Lovely… realistic sketch! Reminds me of scenes in Yosemite or lake tahoe covered in snow, here in California….

    • That’s wonderful! So glad I could remind you of a scene from your state.
      We have scene like this all over on the east coast.
      Thank you for commenting!

      • I can only imagine 🙂 Visited East coast in summer this year…its beautiful, I see where you get ur inspirations from…

  9. Your paintings are charming. I’m enchanted by your talent!

  1. Days Gone By and Covered Bridge | Adamsart

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