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Charcoal drawing

After conversing with Keith at his blog, Northpenninegallery on his post Barns in Teesdale I was inspired  to post this drawing I did back in 2008.

© 2008

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  1. I totally agree. You look at your old work with news when you revisit. I don’t think I’d even walk down the track to that barn let alone stand at the entrance. The charcoal rendering is lovely and I know how difficult this medium can be. Great post Debbie, and a wonderful illustration. Thank you for posting and your kind comments.


  2. On yeah, looking back on old artworks that were once undesirable, become viewed in a whole new light. But this barn as all others, the entrance is always on the spooky side to me. Those great big black gaping hole. Ekk!
    Thank you for your comment, Keith!

  3. This is so wonderful because it shows your beginnings which are very reflective of your journey. I like to view artists works over time. You can see so much more of the person in them. Everything you create has a reason for existing. Very talented of you to know a bush would be a grouping of marks instead of trying to detail evry little thing! I like your barn and it does not look so lonely with the children you have included! Thanks for sharing this, Debbie!

  4. Oh yes. I am learning quite quickly to look back and appreciate my past artworks. If not for these old drawings created one after another, then I wouldn’t be where I am in my drawing journey today.
    I’m particularly pleased that you are watching my progress. So good of you to drop in. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this piece, Leslie!

  5. jennygoth

     /  August 8, 2011

    I’ve probably passed that barn many times often up round that area xxjen


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