8 comments on “Mountain View

  1. I get the same fantasy feel that Richard does, Debbie. Another thought is that I dream in black and white most of the time. Many of the landscapes in my dreams appear like your drawings of this nature. That makes me a lucky dreamer as these are beautiful. I like the contrast in the shapes used to create this. The softness of the fog and the mountain against the spikey trees.

  2. Thank you, Leslie.
    I dream in black and white as well, which, btw means we are healthy minded. But just like you, my dreams appear quite a bit as my drawings do. You know, I never really thought about that till you mentioned it. Kind of gives me the idea I get into a type of dream world when I approach a new drawing.
    Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Your charcoal work is breathtaking, this one in particular has all the qualities I’m begging to admire in your work. Each part of this landscape is captivating. I want to step into the scene yet feel apprehension too!

  4. The apprehension could be because of the fantasy scene as Richard mentioned.:-)
    This is somewhat of a second attempt at a nature scene like this as I had mentioned in the beginning of this post; must have improved on it.
    Keith, your comments are so encouraging. I you have such a way with words that I am about tempted to put down what I’m doing, and go create some art. Thank you kind sir!

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