11 comments on “Spring Burst

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    • Indira, I didn’t see that you commented here till just now…Please except my apology for being so late in reply and to tell you thank you.

  2. And, the clouds feel velvetty ! Beautiful – I know it is very difficult to use white on canvas (for me it is), you have brilliantly used white to its’ best advantage. Wonderful usage of light and shadow – reflecting on the water. Brava Deb !!!

    • Thank you very much, Shaheen. If you can watch Bob Ross the artist at all, he has a splendid way of teaching how to make nice clouds. Thank you! 🙂

      • Thanks, dear ! Shall check out Mr.Ross.
        I invite you to view my painting ” the soul of a gypsy’, is the white usage too much? Since you are far skilled than I, it shall be a benefit to learn your thoughts, if possible. Cheers.

        • I looked at it and thinks if just beautiful, Shaheen! The clouds are just gorgeous. No two clouds ever look the exact same and I’ve never seen a wrong cloud. But if your looking for a fluffy cloud after you apply a bit of white paint take a clean dry brush and gently use circular motions of the top edge of it. Then, once again with a clean dry brush go across the cloud maybe twice, and I mean gently like a whisper….I hope that helps.

          • Thank you for your feedback and for visiting my painting. Absolutely, it shall be a gentle whisper ! Keep painting, keep inspiring Deb ! Cheers to you.

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