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  1. My husband has been painting off and on for a few years now. He watches Bob Ross, weekdays on the local broadcast channel. I tend to watch it with him since he bears himself to watch programs with me that he does not care for; lifetime is a good example. :-). Where all this is going is that he told me I should give painting a try; that he would help me. Well, he didn’t need to help me, but only to get the liquid white on the canvas properly first, then I did the rest on my own. He said I was a natural. Natural!? I think not. It’s been all these years of me watching so intently Bob Ross with him, with a secret inner desire to paint myself. And let me not forget how I had been watching my husband paint as well. This particular painting is my second one I painted. The first one he got me started with is “Spring Burst
    Thank you for your lovely comments, Keith!:-)

  2. Well that’s inspiring; for both of us. 🙂
    Keith, I appreciate you visiting this blog and all you support. Please feel free to visit all you want and ask any questions you may have. And I will be seeing you on your blog later this evening.
    Oh, while I think about it. It won’t stop snowing out here. It’s been coming down steady in a light stream all morning; accumulation about 6.4cm so far. You likely are having the snow fall where you are too. Yes?

  3. This oil painting is very good indeed, actually I thought that I had already added a thought on this painting before but I must have just browsed on that occasion… The colours are wonderfull and the scene set off a delightful glow that draws the viewer right into the scene… Wicked 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    • You may be thinking of another painting I did that you commented on called, Autumn Glow. Very easy to get the names mixed up.
      The painting above was my second. I really need to think about a 3rd this Fall or Winter when I return home.
      Thank you for you comment, Andro!

      Have a wonderful day.
      Deb xx

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