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Charcoal Drawing

Quite setting of a boat along the wall behind the boathouse on quiet waters.

Created with charcoal and graphite’s using the cotton cloth technique.

Dimensions 18″ x 24″

© 2009

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  1. Androgoth

     /  July 30, 2011

    I like how you have added additional features in order to enhance your drawing, that just shows to me how inventive you are and also it gives the viewer a better insight on how you view your own work, details are always something that enhance a drawing such as this one, of course I do know that on, say a canvas for instance, oils tend to look rather scruffy close up, but the further away one gets the clearer the picture becomes, it is like magic, or an optical illusion perhaps?

    You know I noticed a comment on another Artists Space that I have been taking a look at recently and he said that he was glad that you mentioned that you were from North Carolina as he had often wondered where you came from, it rather struck me as I have only just found your Space and I have already seen you mention your location several times in the painting and drawing descriptuions that you offer alongside your art.

    I guess attention to detail is not always forthcoming but this is not a critical assumption about another peeps Space or indeed about his conclusions, I am merely offering a view from my own perspective…

    Okay enough said I think, I wouldn’t want to give you a negative impression of me before I have even started commenting on the bulk of your work…

    Have a great evening Deb…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Strange, I wonder who just noticed where I came from. Actually, Andro I vacation in North Carolina, but I still live on the east coast. I may as well live here though since so much time is spent here.

      Anyway, back to the drawing. I did spend a lot of time on this one and put a lot of hard work and myself into it. I enjoyed every moment I worked on it and was thrilled with the results. Funny though, you are the first to have commented on this piece. Most all of my works that get comments are of my watercolors. Watercolors are new to me this year. Though my charcoal drawings I’ve been doing off and on for a few years. And actually I have created a charcoal drawing since the end of 2010. Okay….enough. I’m rambling on…that’s catchy you know that….lol.

      I’m glad you like this drawing and really am delighted you found it and commented on it….thank you.

      Have a lovely evening and peaceful rests, Andro.


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