2 comments on “Tishia Adams

  1. As I am backtracking through these portraits I am enjoying the many different aspects of your style, method and approach of artistic impressionism and this portrait actually looks from the 1940’s and that my friend is a wonderful achievement in its own right.

    Also I must concur, she is / was a very beautiful woman and I believe that you have excelled with this study capturing the essence of your subject most perfectly. This is a very pleasing and exceedingly nice portrait Deb and I thank you for offering these family portraits for us, your reader base to view and to fully enjoy your artistic talents.

    Androgoth Xx

    • Two or three of the portraits that you have commented on were created with charcoal pencils and the use of a blending stump.. Whereas most (including this one) were created with charcoal dust and a cotton cloth, except for a few details like the teeth and space between them, and the edge of her eyes lids which of course I used a sharp charcoal pencil then blended.
      Thank you for commenting, Andro.

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