Hey, Guess What Day it is!


When I finished the camel I was going to post it this way, but once Fraz saw the camel he had to have one of his own. Fraz has been staying with us on the beach. He claims he can ride the camel in the beach dunes to feel like he’s in the desert.

My question is: What will Fraz of name his camel?


Watercolor, pen and ink, and digital drawing

© 2014

Stop by Wombaina for to see what else Fraz’s is up too


2011-08-05-mouse_ink_11x14_8-2011 - Copy (2)

“I must try this cotton pattern.”

Pen and Ink mouse drawing

© 2011


elephant-2014-04-21-bg-cb - CopyIt’s been a while since I picked up and ink pen to do a drawing. I started out doing this one in dots, but my wrist just got too tired, so I just squiggle in the markings. If I want to do one in dots, I’ll just have to work on one a little bit each day.

© 2014


daisies-background 1 - Copy I know the last thing I posted was daisies, but I like daisies that much.

I hope all those that celebrate Easter have a wonderful celebration, and lots of chocolate too.

About the art: quick doodle, then added a background.

© 2014

April Showers

rain - Copy (2)

So glad the signs of spring are here. For the past few days we’ve had rain, and you know what that means…April Showers, brings May flowers

About the painting: Watercolors and digital rain overlay

Binky’s Flight 2014 to the Moon


Every year around this time, Binky from Wombania makes a trip to the dark side of the moon to mine for dark chocolate so that all of us can have plenty of chocolate for Easter. I understand that this year he may chip away on a few stars for some white chocolate too. Why so soon before Easter you may ask? It takes a while to go to the moon, mine, then return. But we can rest assure he’ll be back in plenty of time for Winky to make
Lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies at his Winky Wonka Chocoate Factory. What? Why moon chocolate? Well it’s the best chocolate in the universe!





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